1. The Internet Archive eBooks and Texts >>

Huge library of over 12 million collection of freely downloadable books and texts. A free account can also be created to be able to borrow over half a million modern eBooks to read!


2. Project Gutenburg >>   

Over 54,000 epub books and free kindle books that you can download or read online for free. Most publications are among the world’s great literature which copyrights has expired.


3. ManyBooks >>   

Over 33,000 free books in various formats compatible with kindle, nook and most ereaders. They can also be downloaded in PDF, DOC, Text or HTML format for online reading.


4. Bartleby >>

Huge online database of resources in literature, references and verses for students, researchers and the intellectually curious. Unlimited access to books and information on the web – all free of charge.


5. Handyman’s Cabin Online >>   

Huge collection of books for free downloads under the terms of private label rights, master resell rights and personal use license. Some books are in the public domain.


6. Authorama >>   

features completely free books from a variety of different authors, collected here for you to read online or offline, books are in easily readable HTML format.


7. WikiBooks >>

Huge collection of books available for online reading and downloads – all free under GNU General Public License.


8. Nietz Full-Text Collection >>

One of several well-known collections of 19th Century schoolbooks in the United States. Examine digital editions of 140 schoolbooks and two surveys of historic schoolbooks by John Nietz, the founder of the Nietz Old Textbook Collection. The online collection contains page images as well as searchable text.


9. Classics In The History Of Psychology >>   

Classics in the History of Psychology is an effort to make the full texts of a large number of historically significant Public Domain documents on the World Wide Web. There are now over 25 books and about 200 articles and chapters on-line. The site also contains links to over 200 relevant works posted at other sites.


10. Celt: The Corpus Of Electronic Texts >>

The wealth of Irish literary, political and historical culture to the Internet, for the use and benefit of everyone worldwide. It has a searchable online text base consisting of 935 contemporary and historical documents from many areas, including literature and the other arts.


11. Humanistic Texts >>   

Collections of Multicultural extracts portray the wit, wisdom, and poetry of individual’s authors, categorized by authors.


12. Academy For Ancient Texts >>  

Collection of books categorized by culture, country or religion.


13. The Online Books Page >>

The Online Books Page is a website that facilitates access to over 2 million books that are freely readable over the Internet.


14. Bibliomania >>

Free online literature with thousands of classic texts, literature book, notes, author biographies, book summaries, classic fiction, drama, poetry, short stories,  contemporary articles, interviews, research reference books, dictionaries, quotations, classic non-fiction, biographies, religious texts and reference book.


15. Hathi Trust Digital Library >>   

HathiTrust is a partnership of academic & research institutions, offering a collection of millions of titles digitized from libraries around the world. Free to read books online.


16. Book Rags >>

BookRags is an accumulation of comprehensive guides to classical literature, published for free on BookRags.com. You’ll find over 3,500 literature summaries & over 70,000 topic guides.


17. Read Print >>   

As a free online library, this site offers thousands of free books that a student, teacher, or even the classic enthusiast can view and read completely without charge. It has an author index which allows you to read free biographical information about them.