1. LibriVox >>      

LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the Public Domain, and they release the audio files back into the public domain. What does it mean?? That you have ready made audio products for free there.

2. Old Time Radio Archive >>    

With Internet Archive, Old Time Radio archived a huge collection of old time radio programs that can be streamed or downloaded for absolutely free.

3. Partners In Rhyme >>    

Huge collection of royalty free music and sound effects from the public domain. You can download free sound effects and pro sound effects that include a lifetime license agreement add them to all of your commercial projects.

4. PD Soundss >>    

Huge collection of recorded sounds ready to be played online or for downloads. They record and share recordings of everything that we can hear and put them in the public domain for everyone to play, download and use however they wish.

5. Audiobooks by Project Gutenberg >>   

Long list of human-read audiobooks by Project Gutenberg for everyone to play and download and these are all absolutely free.

6. Audiobooks by Project Gutenberg >>       Other Recordings >>  

Long list of human-read audiobooks by Project Gutenberg for everyone to play and download and these are all absolutely free.

7. Live Music Archive by Etree >>    

Etree teamed up with Internet Archive to preserve and archive as many live concerts as possible for current and future generations to enjoy. Download all music in this collection for free.

8. Radio Drama Revival >>   

Here is an archive of all of the ‘classics’ themed radio drama shows we have played over the years. All shows are free to download! “Classics” is this context means shows based on famous texts, not ‘classic’ in the sense that they are the most famous radio dramas ever made.

9. Public Domain 4U >>   

Big collection of songs and music from the public domain ready for playing and download. These audio materials are publicly available in the context of intellectual property law.

10. Presidential Speech Recordings >>   

The Presidential Recordings Collection is made up of two distinct types of presidential speech: public speeches made by U.S. Presidents and secret recordings made in the White House between 1940 and 1973. They can be accessed here for instant streaming or download. There are also now a number of old and new presidential recordings provided by Internet Archive users.

11. The Mercury Theatre On The Air >>   

The finest radio drama of the 1930’s was The Mercury Theatre on the Air, a show featuring the acclaimed New York drama company founded by Orson Welles and John Houseman. This site has many of the surviving shows, and will eventually have all of them. They are available for free playing and download.

12. The Sound Recordings From The Library Of Congress >>   

Huge collection of motion pictures, broadcasting, and various recorded sounds for free download. The initial release of the American Variety Stage collection includes ten sound recordings selected from vintage Edison phonograph Diamond Discs released from 1913-1927. These recordings feature comic skits, popular music and songs–including well-known favorites from the Civil War and World War I–and a dramatic monologue. This offering of sound recordings will be expanded in the future to include a broad sampling of dramatic, comic, and musical acts from the variety stage.

13. Mutopia Project   

2086 pieces of music – free to download, modify, print, copy, distribute, perform, and record – all in the Public Domain or under Creative Commons licenses, in PDF, MIDI, and editable LilyPond file formats.

14. ChoralWiki >>   

This is the Choral Public Domain Library founded in 1998 and ported to ChoralWiki in 2005. Here you will find free choral/vocal scores, texts, translations, and other useful information.

15. Classic Jazz Online >>   

over 50,000 titles of Jazz that can be downloaded for free.  These Jazz music features the big names in Jazz, the likes of Louis Armstrong, Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw and many others.

16. Videvo Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects >>   

Get Royalty Free Music for absolutely ‘free’ here – Footage, Motion Graphics, Music, Sound Effects and more! Various categories mood and instruments. For sound effects – https://www.videvo.net/royalty-free-sound-effects/