1. All Free Download >>

Best free download resources for artists, crafters and graphic designers. This site offers free photos, vectors, icons, fonts, footage, wallpapers, web templates, and photoshop brushes, styles, patterns and PSD.


2. All Free Crafts >>

Huge library easy crafts, craft projects and patterns that can be downloaded for free. Site categories include craft projects, celebration crafts, needlecraft patterns, nature crafts, gardening and crafts from recycled materials.


3. Instructables >>

Huge collection of arts and crafts projects that can be viewed and downloaded for absolutely free.


4. Eagle Lake Woodworking >>

Good source for free woodworking projects and videos..


5. Highland Woodworking >>

Extensive collection of free woodworking videos – entertaining videos, packed with how-to information on popular woodworking topics.


6. Sproutabl >>

Extensive collection of free guides, gardening, plants and lawn care guides,  and infographics for plants, gardening and lawn care.


7. The Thrifty Couple >>

Discovering new ideas for creative and intentional living. Explore finances, frugal living, DIY, Recipes and family matters. Lots of free “How To’s” and printable posters and infographics.


8. The Merlot Collection >>

Creative commons learning environment- Free and open resource for online learning materials, so check licenses.


9. Happy DIY Home >>

Comprehensive guide on how to choose the best wood carving tools.