1. Internet Archive >>     

Watch full-length feature films, classic shorts, world culture documentaries, World War II propaganda, movie trailers, and films created in just ten hours: These options are all featured in this diverse library! Many of these videos are available for free download.


2. Buy Out Footage >>     

Huge collection of contemporary and historical public domain and royalty free stock footage. These contemporary footages were beautifully captured on 35mm motion picture film and documenting politics, lifestyles, modern military, tragedies and disasters, nature and wildlife, news, and many more. Interestingly, the historical footages include old newsreels, wars, flashbacks, classic cuts, ad cuts, classic cartoons, films and many more. Free streaming and downloads in various formats.


3. OpenFlix >>    

Large directory of movies either commonly thought to be in the public domain or works that were distributed for free downloads by their producers. Categories include action, adventure, comedy, documentary, drama, film noir, horror, musical, romance, sci-fi & fantasy, western and independent productions.


4. Moving Image Research Center >>    

Huge collection of motion pictures, broadcasting and recorded sounds. This is a division of The Library of Congress that began collectiong motion pictures in 1893. The Moving Image Research Center provides access and information services to an international community of film and television professionals, archivists, scholars and researchers.


5. Dryden Aircraft Movie Collection >>    

This collection contains short digitized video clips of many of the unique research aircraft flown at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center from the 1940s to the present. No copyright protection is asserted for these movies.


6. Lost And Rare Film And TV Treasures >>    

Lost & Rare Film and TV Treasures is dedicated to the discovery, preservation and distribution of thematically-programmed collections of films and TV content previously considered lost, rare or virtually unknown even to ardent film enthusiasts. Releases also include superb quality upgrades of respected films where only inferior copies were previously in circulation.


7. NASA Science And Space Videos >>    

Collections of video clips NASA.



8. The Open Video Project >>    

Large digital library of films and video clips all free to download.


9. America At Work Videos >>    

Work, school, and leisure activities in the United States from 1894 to 1915 are featured in this presentation of 150 motion pictures. Highlights include films of the United States Postal Service from 1903, cattle breeding, fire fighters, ice manufacturing, logging, calisthenic and gymnastic exercises in schools, amusement parks, boxing, expositions, football, parades, swimming, and other sporting events. Free to view and download.


10. Public Domain Treasures >>    

Free vintage video clips from the public domain vault.


11. Pixabay Videos >>    

Copyright Free HD videos and footage released under Creative Commons. All these materials can be downloaded for free.


12. Flickr Videos >>    

A variety of videos realeased under Creative Commons or licensed freely by many institutions. All these materials can be downloaded for free.


13. Beachfront B-Roll >>    

One of the best places to download (for free!) unique HD stock video footage and animated backgrounds for any production purpose. All clips in the library are completely free to use and are a simple “right click save” to download.


14. Free Stock Footage Archive >>    

Creative Commons video stock footage – All free to download for private and commercial use.


15. Videvo >>    

This is one of the few websites out there that offer nothing but 100% completely free stock footage and motion graphics. They source quality video clips from all over the world, either produced by their dedicated team of freelancers or uploaded by generous users.