Candle Making Ideas

Candle Making Ideas

There are lots of people who love to collect different kinds of candles. Colorful and scented candles are widely available these days. Candles are required for a number of purposes. There are people who light candles almost every day while they worship.

If you have a hobby of collecting candles then instead of buying them you can try them at home. You just need to collect the candles making supplies and give some quality time to get homemade candles.

Homemade candles do not only look good but they are cheap. You can create candles of different designs and colors, sizes and shapes. But before taking up the candle making job it is important to get some good candle making ideas.

You can collect candle making ideas from varied sources. Candles can also turn out to be great gifts for birthdays as well as Christmas. If you gift a self made candle to you dear one it can surely become the most special gift.

Unique Candle Making Ideas

• Making candles with crayons is a good idea. This process is quite easy. The process is almost similar to making normal wax candles. For this procedure you first need to remove the wrapping papers from the crayons. Next you need to put the crayons in a boiling bag and put it in a pot with boiling water. It will take only ten minutes to melt the crayons and you will get colorful wax out of it. You can then use the molds to create wonderful candles.
• Gingerbread pillar is the other idea that can help you create scented candles especially for Christmas. For this you need to melt the wax and then add some brown color to the wax. At a high temperature then you need to add oil which is ginger scented or you can also add dry ginger. You need to be careful while doing this because ginger is quite spicy and it might induce coughing.
• You can create candles keeping the seasons in mind. If you are making candles in summer then you can choose the beach theme. You can make candles in the shape of star fish and give them bright colors. You can also add a fragrance which smells just like a refreshing ocean breeze.
• Cookie cutter candle is one of the most popular candle making ideas. This can be created as a memento candle by adding something personal. This kind of candle can be made by pouring wax in a large flat box with a number of wicks in it and then cutting the wax with a cookie cutter in the shape you prefer.

Candle Making Ideas for Beginners

If you are a beginner then you need to follow certain steps so that you can utilize the best candle making ideas.

• First of all, it is very important to choose the right material for your candle. You should always compare the options available because it will help you find the best quality product at a lower price.
• Choose good marketing techniques to sell your homemade candles.

The Best Candle Making Instructions for You

Different people have different kinds of hobbies. There are people who have the hobby of creating candles of various shapes and sizes. Selling the candles created at home has also become a popular business these days.

Candle making is an art which needs to be learnt. If you master the candle making art you can surely make some money as you can then sell the candles. Making candles is not at all a difficult task but for this it is important to follow proper candle making instructions.

The first candle was made in China in 200 BC. These people started making candles with the help of blubber or whale fat. Candle making became popular all over the world and different people used different kinds of materials to do so but the candle making instructions were almost the same.

If you are a beginner in this field then you should always look for genuine instructions.

Step by Step Candle Making Instructions

• The first step is to decide about the kind of candle you want to make. You need to decide about the shape as well as the size of the candle. You also need to decide whether you want to make scented candles or normal ones. You should also decide about the color of the candle.
• Once you have decided about these things it will become easy for you to buy the right kind of candle making supplies. In case of supplies you will require molds, wick pins, melting pot, pillar wax, scale and a saucepan to create the double boiler, fragrance and thermometer.
• As you collect the supplies you need to prepare the wax for the candle. First of all, you need to measure the amount of wax you require.
• After this you need to put the wick pins into the molds of the candle that you have bought.
• Next you need to prepare the double boiler. You need to use a medium sized pot on the stove and fill it with a little water and then you need to put the pouring pitcher over the pot.
• The next step is to melt the wax. You should melt it till it turns into the state of a liquid.
• The next step for candle making instructions is to add the color and then finally you need to add the fragrance.
• You need to cool the wax and then pour the wax into the molds. Once the candle hardens complete you can take out the candles from the mold as it has got a shape by then.
• Finally you need to push the wicks to the end and your candle is ready.

Finding the Best Candle Making Instructions

• You can get candle making instructions from the classes which offer courses on candle making.
• You can also get candle making kits from the art and craft store which can help you create good candles.
• Internet is the other source from which you can collect good quality candle making instructions. These instructions are printable and they can always be used as a reference for candle making.

Top Tips on How to Choose the Best Candle Making Molds

Candles are not only used to give light but it is also used to decorate a house. Different kinds of candles are available these days. If you master the art of making candles at home then you do not even need to buy them from the stores.

Candles are required for worship. Candles can also be considered good gifts. If you are interested to make candles at home then you need collect certain essential things. One of the most important things that you will require to make candles is the candle making mold.

Unless you get the right candle making mold you cannot make good candles. The candle making molds are available at your local art and craft store. You can also purchase the molds from the online stores.

But before you purchase the molds it is important for you to find out the things that you need to consider while choosing the mold. There are certain characteristics of candle making molds that you need to keep in mind.

Types of Candle Making Molds

• The first thing that you should consider buying is a heat resistant mold. You need to pour heated wax into the mold to make candles. The wax you pour will be between 180 degree and 200 degree in temperature. Therefore, you need to collect a mold that will not melt due to the high temperature.
• Candle making molds are usually made up of different kinds of materials. The most popular mold that is popular these days is the aluminum mold. Aluminum molds are chosen because they are completely heat resistant and durable.
• Other than this, you can also get polyurethane molds. These molds have a base of rubber. These kinds of molds are preferred because they are cheap as well as flexible.
• Another mold used for candle making is made of silicon. These molds are not very popular as they are the most expensive ones. But these molds offer great quality as well as versatility in making candles. These molds are quite flexible in nature.
• Other than the materials you also need to consider some more factors regarding the candle making molds. You need to check whether there is any kind of irregularities on the inner walls of the mold. The irregularities can create problems while taking out the finished candle from the mold.
• There are molds which are meant for a single use. You need to tear off the molds to get the candle out of it.

Importance of the Candle Making Molds

• Candle making molds are available in various shapes, sizes, materials and designs. You should always choose a mold which offers a better finish for the candles.
• The materials used for the molds have advantages as well as disadvantages. You need to choose the one which offers more flexibility and is heat resistant.
• If you have empty tin cans at home then it can also be used as candle making molds. But the tin cans must be strong and heat resistant and must have a wide opening which can help you take out the candle easily.

A Guide to Choose the Best Candle Making Wax

Wax is the most important material that comes to your mind when you hear about candles. You need not buy candles every time you need them. If you have a knack for art and craft then you can surely start making candles at home.

Making candles is not at difficult task at all. If you collect the candle making supplies and spend some quality time then you can surely make some of the best candles. These candles can be used to decorate your home or it can even be used as gifts.

There are lots of people who have started candle business at home. The first thing that you need to purchase is the candle making wax. Candle making wax is available at the local art and craft store.

Candle making wax can be of different types. The kind of candle you will make will depend on the quality of wax you choose.

Types of Wax

• The most popular type of candle making wax that is available everywhere is paraffin wax. The candles that you purchase from the stores are usually made up of paraffin wax. One of the major reasons for using this wax is that it is almost inexpensive as compared to the other types of wax. Paraffin wax is also chosen because it is quite flexible and helps in making good candles. Paraffin wax comes with different kinds of melt points. But the problem with paraffin is that it is by product of crude oil and hence it is not eco friendly.
• The next popular candle making wax is soy wax. Soy wax is a recent addition to the list of candle making wax. This wax is considered by many because it is a natural wax. The wax is usually made from natural soybean base. It does not contain any kind of pesticides, preservatives, herbicides as well as additives. The candles made of soy wax last longer and usually burn more evenly than the other waxes. The scent in the candle is given from natural essential oils.
• The other wax which is also widely used as candle making wax is beeswax. This wax is an animal based wax. This wax is more expensive as compared to the other two waxes. This is a natural wax and this is the reason why there is a huge demand for this wax. Beeswax is actually produced by the bees and it is the by-product of honey. You can purchase beeswax in the form of slabs and blocks.
• Palm wax is the other type of wax used for candle making. This is quite an expensive wax but it is in great demand because it creates less soot. The wax is also quite easy to work with.

Other Popular Candle Making Wax

• Bayberry wax is another type of wax used for candle making but it is not very common. This wax is created from berry shrubs. This wax is quite expensive.
• The other wax used is gel wax. This wax is created from plastic polymer or mineral oils that are gelled. This wax should not be considered by the beginners.

Top Tips to Choose the Best Candle Making Supplies

Candle making can either be a hobby or it can even be used as a business venture. There are lots of people who make a living out of candle making. Different shapes and sizes of candles can be made out of the right kind of supplies.

If you are interested in candle making then you can surely collect the candle making supplies to start off with the job. There are three basic items that are required to make candles. These three items are wick, wax and candle holder.

The length of wick you need, the amount of wax you require and the kind of candle holder you choose depends completely on your choice. You need to choose the length and the amount according to the size, shape and the design of your candle.

The wax that is usually used for making candles is beeswax or paraffin wax. It is always important to make sure that you purchase the best quality candle making supplies so that you can sale the best product to the buyers.

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while purchasing the candle making supplies. But before that you need to find out the places from where you can buy the supplies.

Best Places to Get Candle Making Supplies

• You might have come across several art and craft store in your locality. Buying the candle making supplies from the art and craft store is a good idea especially if you are making candles in a bulk. The art and craft store can offer you with a variety of choices as well as new and good quality materials. If you are a beginner then it is always a better option to buy from these stores. It is a fact that buying from the art and craft store might seem to be a bit expensive but once you start selling your candles you will be paid off.
• If you are capable then you can even create your candle making supplies at home. You can utilize the used materials as well as scraps to make new candles out of it. Creating the candle making supplies at home is by far the best option because it is easy and cheap. If you are making candles as a part of your hobby then this is the best idea to get the supplies.
• If you do not want to move around stores to buy candle supplies then the best option for you is buying from online stores. There are lots of stores which sell candle making supplies on the internet. There are online stores which offer good deals and you get the supplies shipped to your house.

Things to Consider

• The first thing you need to consider is the mold of the candle. The molds can add great designs to your candle.
• The next thing you can consider is the scent. You can add wonderful smell to the candle by adding traditional scents like vanilla, cinnamon as well as potpourri.
• You can even add some exciting colors to your candle to make them look bright.

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