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Vintage Jewelry

Jewelry is always a fascinating material to anyone. It often carries a sentimental value specially when it was carried down from generation to generation. You may found yourself looking at your grandmother’s chest when a bright looking thing suddenly caught your eyes. Yes, it’s a jewelry and most likely a very precious one!

Since we may not be experts when it comes to dating vintage jewelry that may have been handed down to us, it is important that we do some research about it. The first thing that you could do would be to look for some designer marks or maker’s mark. Though not all vintage jewelry always have this mark and it doesn’t follow that without a designer’s mark your vintage jewelry has no value. You could locate this at the clasp or at the back of the piece.

You could also ask the person who handed it down to you like your grandmother or mother especially if they are still alive to have an idea of its history and when it was probably made. They are most likely the ones to know how old this piece of jewelry is. If it has stones on it, examine them if they are real or fancy. It would be better though to have it really examined by a jeweler especially if you are not that knowledgeable when it comes to these matters.




To find out more about your vintage jewelry you could always visit your local library for resources and materials. You could also find a lot of websites online dedicated to vintage jewelry. If you were able to find a maker’s mark, search for it. You could even bring along your jewelry to be able to compare it with similar pictures that you will find.

Vintage jewelry in one way or another especially if kept in good condition has some value. It is important that if you intend to clean them, you clean them carefully to preserve and not to destroy its antique look. Utilizing a baby toothbrush is ideal since these are made with very soft bristles. It is best to clean dry and not use wet solutions if possible. If you want to remove smudges or marks on rhinestones, you can utilize a cotton swab dipped a bit in a mild solution of water and liquid soap. Of course, you need to gently do this since rhinestones would be more damaged with moisture and wetness.

Take your time, to ensure that you preserve your vintage jewelry for more generations to come.


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